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Session Information for Parents After and Before the Photography Session
What to wear for School Pictures
What should my child wear for the photography session Our Logo will not be present on your images
This will depend on the type of session the school has scheduled. Please find the scheduled session for your school and use the information only as a suggested guideline for your child's picture day.

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Fall Pictures
Cap and Gown

Cap and Gown Portrait for Pre-k studentsSchool: Picture Day! We know how special this milestone can be for you and your child, so we are open and willing to work with you in a very personalized way. Our goal is to capture a memory of this special moment in your child's life. For cap and gown picture day here is some information you may find helpful:
  • The cap and gown are available for students to use. You may also choose to provide your own. Please check with your school to make sure they are the right color.

  • Boys: A Dress shirt and a tie may be provided. You may also decide to provide your own.

  • Girls: A blouse may be provided. You may also decide to provide your own.

  • Please let us know of any changes in the authorization/registration form.

  • Glasses: If your child wears glasses, they will be present in your child's images
Head and Shoulders